Brush on Grids and Lines for Corel Painter

Although there is an option to show layout grids in Corel Painter as an overlay, I have created two paper texture libraries for Corel Painter 6 and above, which will allow preset grids and solid lines to be selectively brushed onto the canvas or default layer. These may be of use in inclusion for educational purposes, as part of a composition, or used on a temporary guide layer over a selective area, rather than the whole image.

The Line Up


The above line and grid brush strokes can be applied using several of the default Chalk category variants such the Blunt Chalk variants, Square Chalk and Real Fat Chalk. Note that not all of these variants will be found in every Painter version.

In most cases, the line thickness is 1 pixel, except for the Solid Lines papers with ‘-2′ in their name (which have a thickness of 2 pixels). The other numbers in the paper names refer to the pixel distance between the grid lines or rows/ columns.

Papers Palette Settings


In the Papers palette, the settings for each of the Solid Line and Grid papers should be at the default 100 percent Paper Scale, 100 percent Paper Contrast, and 50 percent Paper Brightness.

Download the Resources

The download comprises of the following;

Two complete zipped Paper libraries (Grid Paper and Solid Lines) for Corel Painter 6 and upwards.

After unzipping, the Papers library files may be stored anywhere on your hard drive, and accessed via. the Open Library command from either the launched Papers palette flyout menu, or the Papers Selector flyout menu in the Toolbox palette. Note that the Windows version of these paper libraries have been assigned a .pap file extension.

There are no restrictions on use, other than the resources are not to be offered for sale or redistributed without my prior consent.

Download (5 KB) PC Windows version.

Download (6 KB) Mac version.